Women’s History Month (US)

Women in the modern era possess characteristics that uphold their individual rights and take on the stance of women being equal to men. The population of women nowadays has been given the rights that men only used to possess, in almost aspects that comprise every society. Regardless of one\’s status in life, women of today can actually conquer a lot of things. From work to household matters and even the various issues and concern that revolve around daily, women have proven to be more than just being confined in the four corners of one’s personal abode.

How Women’s History Month in US came to life

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In various parts of the world, women were deemed to play the role of taking care of the family and residing in the home only. This fact has always been accounted for in history. However, in the state of America, women gained equal importance as men did. History itself claims how women have been oppressed and abused, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Besides that, women were historically put into extreme working conditions and were punished when poor quality is being produced, apart from rendering services to their respective families. In, 1857, light was shone upon women. It was at this time when a protest regarding overworking conditions of women gave rise to National Women

‘s History Month.

Women’s History Month

Women’s history month is an annual celebration that commemorates the diversity and dynamism of women, celebrated of every 18th of March. Besides that, this significant day, promotes the rights of women to exercise one’s motherly capacity, achieve a degree in education, acquire a job and earn and to vote during political elections.

Until this modern time, Women’s History Month continues to be celebrated as women become more open-minded and conscious of what is happening around the world.

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