Instructional Media Services

Without the Instructional Media Services group, the classes would basically put the students to sleep. Now more than ever a university or school must offer video and audio options for professors and instructors to implement their power point presentations, slides, videos and audio presentations for instructional purposes. Not only the professors are dependent on these vital services, but the students are as well. Each student carries a type of computer for their class work, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or a laptop, all of these are important for their ability to internalize and absorb the classroom presentation as well as to participate in the process. Servers for classroom campus intranet access must be maintained as well as a wireless communications network, which can now be considered an integral part of Instructional Media Services.

The entertaining world of Physics

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The lucky students that get to learn physics from the author of the ,Flying Circus of Physics can tell you how exciting learning physics can be, believe it or not, when a professor like Jearl Walker, Physics professor extaodinaire presents a slide show or light show to illustrate the Theory of Relativity or how the heat of fusion and energy transfer protects bare skin when he plunges his wet finger into a pot of molten lead. Who would remember this principle of physics without great special effects?

A Thousand Words
Antics such as this are best presented to make a lasting impression on students so that they assimilate and enjoy the learning process. None of this would make as great an impact with out the help of an Instructional Media Services group that tends to all the ports, the audio, video equipment, IT and internet connections in any lecture hall or class room. Education is best presented with great pictures.

A typical IMS department will provide technological support for the multimedia equipment in a classroom setting of both brick and mortar schools and online virtual classrooms as well. These support personnel are IT certificate holders, most commonly on windows and mac computers. Any campus virtual or brick, must maintain a high level of functionality in their Instructional Media Service area.

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